Conquer Your Fitness Journey with PowHER Points

Unleash your potential with our specially crafted points packages. Designed to solve your fitness and nutrition challenges, our solutions bring about transformative change to your life. Remember you receive points for doing your workouts, tracking your meals, and supporting other PowHERful community members!

Dont forget you can also gift your points to a friend! Nothing says "PowHERful women LIFT, each other Up!" Quite like free health and fitness training paid for by your own hard work, results and dedication!

Don't go it alone!

Gain lifetime access to our community plus a complimentary 7-day meal plan. Discover fitness in unity.

Fix your form!

Our e-book, analysis, and training program help correct posture in just 30 days. Stand tall and confident.

No more mealtime chaos!

Get a 14-day meal plan with grocery and recipe lists. No guesswork, only tasty nutrition.

Personalized Coaching for Your Fitness Journey 

Upgrade your PowHERful membership to include extra 1-on-1 coaching sessions. With personalized attention and real-time feedback, you'll conquer your fitness goals faster than ever.

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Upgrade your PowHERful membership to include extra 1-on-1 coaching sessions. With personalized attention and real-time feedback, you'll conquer your fitness goals faster than ever.

Video Analysis Service

Lets you send us your workout videos for personalized feedback. Facing trouble keeping up with workouts when traveling or lacking usual equipment?

No-Gym Workouts eBook 

We provide a comprehensive guide to workouts that need little to no equipment.  We can even migrate your program to a body weight / minimal equipment program if needed.

Amp Up Your Nutrition

Discover a world of personalized fitness with PowHERful. It's time to break free from generic workout plans and experience the difference that tailored coaching can bring to your fitness journey.

Meal Prep Video Series

Struggling to get your meal planning and prepping right?
This guide provides step-by-step instruction on how to structure your meals efficiently.

Monthly Meal Plan Subscription
Tired of eating the same meals over and over again? With our monthly Meal Plan Subscription you get  access to new recipes and meal plans every month.

Eating Out Guide eBook

Feel lost when eating out or attending social events? Our Eating Out Guide eBook helps you make smart choices even when dining out.

Take Charge of Your Progress

Experience the full power of accountability with daily check-ins, goal review sessions, and personalized guidance. Make progress like never before!

Premium Accountability Package

Feel the need for more support between check-ins? Our Premium Accountability Package provides daily or flexible check-in options.

Adherence-Focused Coaching Add-on

Facing inconsistency in workout or nutrition adherence? Our Adherence-Focused Coaching Add-on helps you track and improve consistency.

Goal Review and Progress Discussion

Unsure about your progress? Our Goal Review and Progress Discussion service ensures regular reviews of your goals and progress during each coaching session

Be a Part of the PowHERful Community

Feel the power of the PowHERful community. Our fitness-focused tribe is here to provide the motivation, support, and camaraderie you need.

VIP Community Membership

Feel isolated or disconnected from your fitness journey? Our VIP Community Membership offers regular online events and meetups.

Accountability Buddy Program

Struggling with commitment and self-discipline? Our Accountability Buddy Program matches you with a partner for mutual support and regular check-ins.

PowHERful Fitness Challenges

Find it hard to stay motivated? Our PowHERful Fitness Challenges are designed to boost engagement and keep your motivation levels high.

Real Users, Real Results 

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from real users who've unlocked their fitness potential with PowHERful  upgrades.