PowHERful Refund Policy & Guarantees

At Powherful, we don’t just want you to succeed, we want you to thrive. Your satisfaction and achievement of your fitness goals remain our top priority. As such, we've combined our refund policies into one comprehensive guide that reflects our commitment to you.

We believe wholeheartedly in our program, and we're devoted to ensuring your absolute satisfaction. Here’s how:

Digital Online Training:

1. Full Refund upon Completion: Complete any of our online training programs, participate in all scheduled sessions (80% workout adherence), log your meals (80% nutrition adherence), submit weekly feedback, and engage in the telegram group. At the end of your journey, if you feel it wasn't worth it, submit an honest Google review and complete our exit interview. We'll then refund your entire fee minus admin/registration & hosting fee ($49 per month)

  • Nutrition and workout adherence is measured in the app and must be done on a weekly basis, you can not add / update your nutrition adherence after the initial week has passed
  • You must engage in the telegram group at least 1 message or comment per week, this ensures you are getting the support from the community that can help with accountability and consistency.
  • Failure to meet all above criteria voids the refund eligibility

2. Satisfaction Guarantee: We want you to be confident in your decision to join our program. If at any point you feel unhappy or wish to cancel, we will refund your full payment. The only deduction will be a $49 fee (per month) for setup and app hosting. The Google review and exit interview are still mandatory part of this process. 

    3. Double or Nothing - Results Guarantee: If, after your initial challenge duration, you feel you haven't achieved the results you wanted but still value our services and want to continue, we'll provide you with 2x the number of weeks you initially purchased at  no additional cost. This means for the one-time 6-week fee, you get a total of 18 weeks of comprehensive training.

    To qualify for this:

    • You must have completed at least 80% of the workouts, nutrition adherence, and check-ins.
    • Provide an honest Google review about your experience.
    • Recommend two friends whom we can approach to share our services
    • Sent at lest 1 message per week  in the telegram group

    4. 7-Day Free Trial:

    • Uncertain about our program's fit? Try the first 7 days risk-free. Cancel within this period and you're not charged. Valid only on 6 week or longer program purchases.

    Refund Process:

    • Reach out to our customer support within 7 days of program completion and indicate you would like a refund, by emailing us at CoachShannon@liftacademypp.com.
    • Organize your exit interview -> Here
    • The app will serve as the unbias arbiter for the adherence confirmation
    • Refunds are processed within 14 business days post-approval.

    Non-Refundable Items:

    • Services not matching the above criteria.
    • Personalized coaching sessions, custom meal plans, and other tailored services.
    • Admin/Hosting and setup fee ($49 per month)

    In-Person Physical Training Refund Policy:

    Purpose of the Refund Guarantee:

    Our refund guarantee aims to eliminate any initial risks you might feel. We want to instill confidence and assure you of our commitment to helping you achieve your best look and feel. If you complete the 4 week in person training with 100% nutrition and workout adherence and you would like a refund, then it is our belief that, either you didnt like the program or it didnt work. Therefore if that be the case we will honor a cashback refund minus the applicable fees ($99) detailed below.

    However, partaking half-heartedly and then seeking a refund is akin to consuming a full meal at a restaurant and then requesting not to pay. Such behavior isn't ethical. We trust you to genuinely track your meals and sincerely follow all training outside of our group sessions, which places the onus on us.

    Eligibility for Refunds:

    1. Program Completion: Finish our 4-week in-person program.
    2. Workout & Nutrition Adherence: Comply 100% with both the nutrition guidelines and workout program. We monitor 100% workout adherence through our app. This encapsulates ALL workouts – from in-person sessions to independent activities like general cardio, educational videos, and more.
    3. Progress Tracking: Diligently submit all progress photos and check-ins as scheduled in the training app.
    4. Community Engagement: Participate actively in our private telegram group by sending at least 16 messages. (4 per week)
    5. Refund Deductions: Please note that the administrative fee  / gym fee will be deducted from the total refund. 
    6. Refund Prerequisites: To qualify for a refund, submitting a Google review and undergoing an exit interview are mandatory.
    7. Intent of Program: This program is tailored for those earnestly striving for their health and fitness goals. If you're merely seeking a refund without committing, this program may not be suitable. Should you have any queries, please reach out for detailed clarity.

    Refund Process:

    • Initiation: Kick start your refund request within 7 days post program completion by emailing us at CoachshannonCoachShannon@liftacademypp.com.
    • Exit Interview: Organize your exit interview -> Here
    • Refund Mode: Once approved, refunds are issued via the same payment method you initiated the purchase with. minus the applicable gym/ administration fee.

    Non-Refundable Items:

    • Services falling outside the above criteria.
    • Personalized coaching, custom meal plans, and other tailored offerings.
    • Fees include, Gym, Admin, Wellness assessment, Registration, App hosting and welcome bag(Total $99 as of 1 Oct 23)


    • Results vary depending on individual dedication, effort, and program adherence.
    • Powherful is not liable for pre-existing medical issues or injuries aggravated during the program.
    • Prior consultation with a healthcare expert before embarking on any new fitness or nutrition journey is highly advised

    For any further clarifications or concerns, our dedicated customer support team is here to assist. Your trust drives us, and we promise transparency, unparalleled value, and results that resonate. Dive in with Powherful and witness the transformative difference.